VideoVisit and partnered to integrate remote patient monitoring and virtual care

Finnish companies VideoVisit Ltd and have signed a strategic partnership contract to formalize the great co-operation between the companies for customers’ benefits. Companies represented by top-skilled people have decided to work together to integrate solutions to seamlessly enable Virtual Care and AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring and transform it into practical information needed in daily operations.

The aim is to collaborate together in Finland and abroad. VideoVisit will prefer’s multifunctional and feature rich IoT-platform when integrating 3rd party solutions and monitoring devices to Remote Patient Monitoring. As operates and further develops solutions within health tech sector they will prefer VideoVisit’s holistic platform for remote care and diagnostics.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure best possible customer experience for our clients in Finland and abroad and bring them ease-of-use within complex IoT-environment. Direct benefits, better results, happier customers. Thrilled to start this journey with professional partner in the area.”, outlines Mr. Repe Harmanen, CEO of VideoVisit, the goals of co-operation.

“IoT platforms need to be cloud based, open, and robust in order to fulfill customers’ needs. Our solution within analytics will further bring benefits to customers taking advantage of our robust IoT-platform. This co-operation helps us in our core area – better to help clients in analytics of health care sector.”, comments CEO of Mr. Christian Lehtinen.

Combining virtual care with remote patient monitoring and analytics will make patient journey quicker, easier, and provide efficiency and cost savings for healthcare providers.

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