Repe Harmanen appointed CEO of VideoVisit Ltd

The Board of VideoVisit Ltd, which specializes in the development and sales of remote care solutions, has appointed Repe Harmanen as the new CEO of VideoVisit Ltd effective 1.3.2019.

Repe Harmanen brings experience in leading a growth company to international markets

The nomination is part of a broader company strategy where future growth is increasingly focused on international markets. In particular, Harmanen’s area of ​​expertise is business development, internationalization, digital solutions and corporate restructuring will play a very important role in VideoVisit’s growth strategy. Harmanen’s experience is in leadership positions in small and large companies in Finland and abroad. Currently he’s also chairman of the boards in Hygga Oy and Proxion Oy and member of the board in Teknoware Oy.

– It’s awesome to get involved with VideoVisit and to be leading their next steps. They have a skillful and professional team, excellent solutions, good customer relationships and an inspiring strategy – the best possible starting point. This opportunity gives me a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot and also to use my strong experience in growing the company. The combination of humanity and technology, with which we are solving the problems of aging and rising care costs, really feels good, describes Harmanen’s feelings about the new task.

With the appointment of Harmanen, the founder, main owner and current CEO of VideoVisit Ltd, Esa Ojala, will focus on overseeing the company’s interests by taking the role of the Chairman of the Board.

– We are very grateful to our Finnish customers for their long-term cooperation, which has enabled Finnish health technology to be developed to a high quality level that attracts a lot of interest abroad. At the same time I am glad that we can get for the company’s international growth an experienced professional like Repe Harmanen to lead our team. I believe that VideoVisit will be continue to be one of the main market leaders in Finland and also in selected markets outside Finland, states Esa Ojala.

Additional information:

Esa Ojala
Founder & Chairman of the Board
+358 44 045 1842

Repe Harmanen
+358 40 0467717