United together with common desire of creating better digital healthcare solutions

VideoVisit believes that the core of providing digital healthcare solutions lies in strong and long-lasting co-operations with trusted partners. These carefully chosen partners and their solutions introduce additional value to healthcare providers and better care for patients.

Virtual care and wellbeing information

Vivago Ltd and VideoVisit Ltd offer together a unique solution to ensure the wellbeing of the elderly. Virtual care and wellbeing information supports the home care and faster rehabilitation period. With the unique solution the existing care resources are able to serve safely a larger number of customers. Care professionals have the accurate and real-time information about the customers wellbeing. A sense of security at home is strengthened when the customer knows that help is easy to reach with just a press of a button.

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Virtual care and patient status dashboard develops a platform that integrates homecare information systems with welfare devices. platform has a built-in dashboard that helps family members, homecare professionals and service providers to see on real time the summary of how the person living at home is doing. Together VideoVisit Ltd and offer a solution that combines virtual care with vital dashboard information.

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