Partnering up with VideoVisit is a lot more than just getting hands on innovative digital healthcare technology. It’s a statement to be shared with everyone about the burning passion of being involved in developing digital healthcare market with rocking solutions.

VideoVisit offers solutions for the whole healthcare chain from hospitals to rehabilitation, assisted living and home care. With VideoVisit you make sure that the virtual healthcare chain never gets broken. A doctor or nurse is always there when needed, even thousands of kilometers away.

As a VideoVisit distributor, you will not only get in your product portfolio proven solutions that have become a cornerstone of the Finnish digital healthcare services. We are dedicated to spread our legacy to distributors and partners. All our knowhow of digital healthcare processes will be available to you and your customers.

Are you interested in broadening your product portfolio with VideoVisit? Please book a meeting with our international sales team or contact the nearest VideoVisit representative in your area.